Polar app update for M600 users with Android phone


The Polar app for Android phone users was updated to version 1.2 and the updated app has some new features.

You can now activate the M600 display to stay on during the whole training session. Read more detailed instructions on activating this feature from the M600 support pages.

Now you can also skip phases while training using a training target. You can see a list of the different phases of the target by swiping up from the bottom of the screen in the training target view. You can skip the current phase by tapping the next icon on the left.

You can also see the fat burn percentage of calories in the summary view on the device and in the Flow app and web service. The fat burn percentage expresses the percentage of the total calories burned during a session that was expended from fat.

Find out what else is included in this Polar app release from the release notes below.

The new features are available for the Polar app on an M600 paired with an Android phone when the Flow app on the paired phone is updated to version 3.2.5.

M600 Polar app release note 3rd of October 2016:

  • Polar app now has "backlight on/off" setting. Start recording > pull down screen > select ON/OFF.
  • Fat burning percentage of calories shown during and after the exercise.
  • Training target: planned or favorite target offered when entering exercise wait mode for the first time. This guides user to find training targets in the menu.
  • Training target: skipping current phase now possible.
  • Activity calculation adjustements.
  • Sync enhancements.
  • Minor bug fixes.

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