Polar A360 1.1.15 software update


We’re happy to release this exciting software update for our brand new Polar A360 fitness tracker.

First of all, we’re bringing the Smart Notifications for our Android users.  You can check how to take them into use here.

The Do Not Disturb - mode comes in handy for example during a nap when you don’t want the display light waking you up during your sweet dreams.  You can choose either to have the display activate itself with a flick of a wrist or, with the Do Not Disturb –mode, to only activate the display with a button press. You can control the Do Not Disturb -mode either from Flow app behind the Smart notifications or from the A360 Control menu. The Control menu can be accessed by pressing the button on your A360 for a longer period, until it opens up the menu. There you choose the Moon icon to activate the Do Not Disturb mode. Remember, when the Do Not Disturb –mode is activated, the Smart Notifications are also disabled.A360 my heart rate pic

Check your current live heart rate using the My heart rate -feature. Just tighten the wrist strap , tap the ‘My heart rate’ icon from your A360 and see your real time heart rate show on the display.After you’ve finished checking your beats, remember to loosen the wrist strap for a comfy wear.

It’s also important to remember to care for your Polar. Here’s some handy tips how to take care of your new A360 fitness tracker.


Happy training!


- Team Polar

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