Polar GoFit web 2.13.0 release - EU GDPR compliance


PolarGoFit (globally used has been updated to version 2.13.0.

New features and improvements in this release:

  • Terms of Use and Polar Privacy Notice are updated. In addition, teachers are asked for their consent to marketing.
  • Removing a teacher user account has changed:
    • When a new teacher user account is created in the Polar GoFit web service, the teacher is also created a personal Polar account. The teacher can be removed from the Polar GoFit service by other teachers as well, but the personal Polar account can only be removed by the teacher him- or herself. The personal Polar accounts can be removed at
  • Storing information of guardian consent to add student’s information to Polar GoFit service:
    • Because of data protection regulations in many countries (e.g. EU GDPR), schools need to acquire and store a student’s written consent to add his or her information to the Polar GoFit service. Each country has their own age limit which determines whether a student can give the consent by themselves or if the consent has to be given by the student’s legal guardian.
    • If the student that is being added to Polar GoFit is under the age limit set in that country, Polar GoFit asks for a confirmation that the school has acquired the consent to add student’s information to the Polar GoFit service from the student’s legal guardian.
  • Changes in removing students:
    • If a student is removed from the Polar GoFit service, all his or her data is deleted permanently. The data cannot be restored afterwards.
    • When a teacher confirms the removal of student information from the Polar GoFit service, a request to delete the student’s data is sent to a Student removal service inside Polar GoFit. The service handles all requests from different Polar GoFit schools in the order it receives them. In case a lot of student removals are requested at the same time, the time to handle them may get longer. An estimate of the handling time is shown when a confirmation to remove a student is asked.
    • While the student removals are being processed, it is not possible to use Student import.
  • Possibility to hide a student
    • When hiding a student, his or her information is not shown in the Student list, but is included in reports.
    • To edit or remove a student account that is hidden, the student needs to be unhidden first. Go to School > Student > Hide student > Unhide student to unhide hidden students.
  • Changes in Student information:
    • The options to collect and store information of student’s ethnicity and to make a Teacher’s note are removed.
    • Student information can be printed on a PDF document at School > Students.
    • Students can see their own information when they sign in to the Polar GoFit web service with their own username. Students can only see, but they cannot edit, their own information.
  • Possibility to hide a course:
    • It is possible to hide courses from the Courses view (Courses > Hide courses). The hidden courses are included in reports, provided that the course meets the criteria set for forming the report.
    • To remove courses that are hidden, they need to be unhidden first. Click the link Hidden courses on the Courses view.
  • Schools:
    • In case a school’s license expires, the school account and all data in it will be deleted. Before deleting the account, there will be a notification email sent to the contact teacher of the school informing that their license has expired.

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