Polar Beat version 3.3.7 for iOS


Polar Beat app has been updated for iOS users. This update includes a new setting in Voice Guidance: option to toggle voice feedback on/off for EnergyPointer in training sessions.

Release date: September 11th, 2019

Version number: 3.3.7


  • A new Voice Guidance setting that provides possibility to disable EnergyPointer voice feedback during training
  • Standalone OH1 workouts not synced to Apple Health, fixed.
  • Standalone H10 workouts not synced to Apple Health if not signed into the Beat app, fixed.
  • Cannot open "Latest sessions" list by swiping up the screen in the main menu, fixed (iOS13).
  • Heart rate zone numbers not lining up with the background, fixed (iOS 13).
  • EnergyPointer HR value bouncing in the middle of the training view, fixed (iOS 13).
  • Other minor bug fixes to improve quality



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