Open water swimming for Polar V800 and more improvements in Flow


Today we are thrilled to announce a bunch of desired and much wanted features not only to Polar Flow but also for the Polar V800.  There’s a lot going on in this release so be sure to follow all the way to the end! Don't miss how you can now compare your training target to your training result from here.

Open water swimming

Had enough of counting tiles in the indoor pool? Now it’s time to get your flippers on and move outdoors for a paddle. We’re happy to finally get this feature wrapped up for release and let it out in the open; the open water metrics (distance, strokes) are now available for V800! Update your V800 to the software version 1.5 via FlowSync and add open water swimming to your sport list  to get the outdoor swimming metrics into use. For detailed instructions how to use them, check out from here. And those who are using Smart notifications, we recommend that you disable the notifications on your V800 during the software update to ensure the notifications don't disrupt the update process.

In addition to the above, the swimming metrics are now added to the swimming profile as well, so you can choose to either use indoor swimming or the swimming profile when having a paddle in the pool.


Add a training result to Polar Flow manually

Forgot your Polar training companion at home? No worries, you can now add your training manually to Flow. We’ve made it simple and smooth to add a training session or a target to your Flow calendar. Just hover over the wanted day in the calendar you want to add the training session and choose to either add the day’s training session result or plan a target for the future training days. Remember, you won’t get a heart rate graph with the manually added training sessions since that requires your favorite Polar on your side during training. As there is no heart rate data in the manually added training sessions, it won’t affect the Training Load and Recovery Status either.


Beta removed from Flow

Along with today’s release, the eagle-eyed amongst you may have noticed that we have removed the Beta from Polar Flow. This doesn’t mean we will stop the development of Flow, on the contrary we will focus on regularly updating the Flow service based on your feedback and our own objectives. Despite losing the Beta, we will continue to bring new features and bug fixes In order to enhance the usability of the service.  Also some nice add-ons will follow so be sure to stay tuned!


Scrolling notifications

If you're one of those who have notifications streaming on your wrist non stop, listen up! You can now scroll through maximum of 4 notification previews at a time on your Polar unit. So if you have a lot of notifications coming in, you can easily glance them through on your Polar device. If there's more than one notification in line, you'll see the top of the next notification peeking from the bottom of the display.


Open water swimming

For detailed release notes visit Polar Flow Release Notes and Release Notes for V800.

As you can see above we've added a lot of new features in this release so don’t hesitate to explore them in action at Polar Flow!


-Team Polar


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