Open street maps for Polar V650


Ready for a ride?! Free maps from OpenStreetMap are now available for V650. To get started:

  • First update your FlowSync on your computer to the latest version 2.5.4. Then use the new FlowSync to download the 1.2 software to your V650.
  • Find the maps behind the device’s general settings where you can define the offline map area. When you have decided the area, press “Download”.
  • Connect your V650 to your computer with the USB cable to let FlowSync fetch the desired map to your V650 from Flow service.

With this update you’ll see your location and the travelled route on a map in your V650. Please note that the route guidance support is not yet available.

The maps can be downloaded for an area of 450 km x 450 km and you can choose the central point of the desired area before downloading the offline map. For the map layers you can choose bike routes or even topographic maps. Topographic maps will be available depending on their regional availability. You can have one map area at a time on your V650 so this means the previous map will be overwritten by the new map when selecting a new offline map area.

Cycling power graph for Polar V650

When the V650 is used together with the LOOK Kéo Power Bluetooth Smart you are able to follow your power measurement data to improve your cycling performance and pedaling technique. Along with the 1.2 software you will see a new power graph on your V650 during your ride.  The new power graph shows the power on 5 zones and in watts to better indicate the used power output. Remember to set the power graph as one of the training views before your ride!

Automatic lap view and lap notification

Automatic lap view helps you to keep track on the intensity on long bike rides giving you the real-time info of your last 10 minutes or whatever value you decide to go with. This way you don't have to rely only on the long time average readings. Lap notifications come in handy for instance when you are doing your interval training. You can see the info of your last sprint by tapping the lap view display.

Broader 3rd party sensor support

We’ve done some fine tuning to the software 1.2 version and after this update, the Polar V650 supports a broader range of 3rd party sensors that meet the Bluetooth Smart specifications. In addition to compatible 3rd party speed & cadence sensors listed below, compatibility for various heart rate sensors have also been improved for the V650 in the 1.2 software version.

  • PowerTap speed & cadence
  • Scosche rhythm speed & cadence
  • Sport Tracker speed & cadence

We also included a nice add-on to our Russian and Polish users - we implemented the Polish and Russian languages to the V650.

V650 maps

Enjoy the ride!

-Team Polar


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