New Running Index report in Polar Flow


Running Index allows you to see and monitor how efficient your running is and it is calculated automatically after every run, based on your heart rate and running speed.

Now, we’ve made it easier for you to follow your long term running progress with the help of the new Running Index report.  The report also estimates your success in running for example 10 km or half marathon based on the running index score. You can find the Running Index report behind the Progress tab in Flow.

Each grey dot on the graph represents a Running Index value for a specific session on a specific day. The moving average line in blue demonstrates your average Running Index, and this is what you should focus on when analyzing your progress – whether the trend on the graph is pointing up or down.

Running index report_newnew

The progress chart on the top shows your latest Running Index average and an estimate of your performance on certain distances based on that average. The percentage shows the progress you’ve made between the starting date of your chosen time period and where you are now.

Individual sessions of the selected period are listed in the session list below the graph analysis. Learn more useful information about the running index and the new report from the What and how of Running Index support document.

And hey, have you noticed a few new cool features in Flow? The new selection option in the Progress report lets you choose to display the report either with speed or pace - either one you prefer.

speed and pace pic

Finding a preferred month from the Diary got a whole lot easier with the new month calendar!

Diary day choosing

Happy running!

-Team Polar

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