Polar M430 1.1.4 firmware update - Continuous Heart Rate added


Good news for all Polar M430 owners: The Polar M430 firmware update 1.1.4 is ready and released, adding the ability for the M430 to continuously track your heart rate throughout the day. This release also brings more of your sleep data to your M430. Update your M430 on your computer via FlowSync or on your mobile via Flow app.

Continuous Heart Rate feature

The Continuous Heart Rate feature is off by default, but you can easily turn it on in M430’s settings. Go to Settings > General settings > Continuous HR tracking and choose On. Please note that keeping the Continuous Heart Rate feature on in your M430 will drain the battery quicker.

On your M430 under My day, you’ll be able to follow what will be the highest and lowest heart rate readings of your day and you can check what your lowest heart rate reading was during the previous night. You can follow the readings in more detail and in longer periods in Polar Flow, either in web or in the mobile app.

The Continuous Heart Rate feature complements the 24/7 Activity Tracking feature on your M430. While the 24/7 Activity Tracking feature records your wrist movements to track your activity, the Continuous Heart Rate feature also tracks your heart rate around the clock in order to give you an even more precise calculation of your calorie consumption than before. The Continuous Heart Rate tracking feature allows for a more personal measuring of your overall activity because it takes into account your body’s response to the intensity of physical activity, that is, how much your heart rate rises when you’re physically active. Also physical activities with very little wrist movement, such as cycling, can now be tracked.

You can learn more about the feature and get detailed instructions from The what and how of Polar's Continuous Heart Rate and Wear and care instructions for Polar devices with Continuous Heart Rate support documents.

Get more sleep data on your M430

The updated My day menu allows you to see more of your sleep data on the M430. As before, the M430 will show the total sleep for the night and how much of that sleep time you actually spent sleeping. Additionally the M430 will show how continuous your sleep was, when you fell asleep and when you woke up. At the end of the sleep menu, you can give your sleep a rating.

Until now, your M430 has offered you a summary of your sleep in about 90 minutes after you’ve woken up. After updating your M430 to this release, you can opt to summarize your sleep right after you’ve woken up.

Other improvements/fixes included in this release

  • Improved optical heart rate accuracy for darker skin colors

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