M400 Smart notifications are out now


Following the footsteps of our flagship product Polar V800, the Polar M400 just got smarter with the much anticipated smart notifications! You just need to update your M400 software with Flowsync and  have the latest Flow app iOS in use to have the notifications streaming on your wrist.

So, here’s what you need to do; sync your M400 with FlowSync and update the offered M400 firmware to 1.5. Check  also that your Flow app iOS has been updated to the latest version. After you’ve done the updates, remove the M400 pairing from Flow app and pair it again to with your mobile. Only after the pairing is done again and completed, the Smart Notifications can be enabled from your M400. Go to the M400 General Settings and enable the Smart Notifications by setting them as “ON”.

M400 Smart Notifications

All the same notifications will appear on your M400 that you get on your phone screen. Choose from your phone’s notification center which applications will show on your Polar device by including them in the notifications list. When you receive a notification, depending on the Notification sound settings, you will be notified with either a light sound or a silent notification.

You can read more about the functionalities of the Smart Notifications for M400 from here.

You can find the detailed Release Notes for M400 from here.

Smart notifications for Android

We wanted to give you a quick update about the Smart notifications for Android. Rest assured these are under works but unfortunately the Android platform is more fragmented than iOS in terms of Bluetooth interoperability and it still requires that little extra effort to finalize the notifications with the required high quality. You'll be the first ones to know when the Smart notifications are available for Android, so stay tuned!    

-Team Polar

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