FlowSync update with a few Flow tweaks


Polar FlowSync got a new Resync -feature along with today’s release (version 2.6.2).  It helps you force the sync again to the web service if for some reason your training, activity or some test data are missing from Flow after your routine sync. Just make sure you allow the update FlowSync offers you the next time you plug in your product to get the new feature into your FlowSync. So, if someday you have trouble syncing your data to Flow, plug your Polar product to the computer’s USB port, open the FlowSync settings and click “Resync”. 


Forcesync pic


We also did some fixes to Flow which makes the service a bit smoother to use. For example, in the Groups, it is easier to select the daily activity you want to share since you now get to see the activity percent for each day before posting. So go ahead and show off with those big activity percentages!

activity percentage post


- Team Polar

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