Flow Groups usability improvements


Hope you had a chance to test our new Groups feature in Flow! We know some of you have, and you have also given us a few handy tips how to improve the usability of the service. Based on the feedback you guys have given us, we’ve done the following.

First of all it’s now easier to invite Flow users to the group since we’ve added the location to better identify the user. You can also check out the user profile, before inviting them to join, by clicking the name of the person you're thinking of inviting. If you choose to invite the person to the group, hover over the name and press the invite -button.

invite members - jack russel

We also added filters on the group feed to ease the readability of the posts; you can now choose to filter the feed by posts, training sessions or even activity summaries.

filter the feed

And hey, have a look at our Polar Endorsed groups hosted by our amazing Polar Ambassadors. You can spot them out from, what else than Polar red, Polar Endorsed flag!


For detailed release notes of the fixes and improvements, check Polar Flow Release Note.


-Team Polar

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