Flow app Android 2.2 release with feature updates out now


Hey guys, this time it’s Android first! Along with the latest software update for M400, we introduced you to the Assisted GPS which speeds up the GPS fix before training. Now you can speed up your GPS fix on the go with the Flow app! Just sync your M400 with the latest Flow app and you’re ready to go!

We brought the speed and pace zones to the Flow web service earlier this year and now along with this Android app update we’re bringing them to your mobile! Now, after you have finished your training session you can see the time spent on each speed or pace zone also from your Flow mobile application.

You’ll be happy to hear that the power graphics and the swimming metrics for V800 have now been added to the Flow app for Android as well.  Now you can share your training data with your favorite apps since the Polar Flow app for Android is now compatible with Google Fit. The transferred data from Flow app to Google fitincludes the sport (activity type), time, duration, distance, calories,steps and HR samples from training sessions. Check out more about the Google Fit compatibility from here.  Along with this update, Loop users can now see their Polar Loop’s battery level in Flow App for Android as well!


Flow app Android version number: 2.2

For detailed release notes visit Flow app Release Notes for Android.


These are now only for Android but not to worry, iOS Flow app will follow shortly!

-Team Polar

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