Facebook share and new activity reports


Hope you’ve been training hard, since now it will pay off and you can share those best training sessions with your friends in Facebook.

There’s a new “share” button in Flow within each training session. By clicking share, it will guide you through the steps on how to post your training sessions on your Facebook wall. Note that sharing your training session to Facebook, will automatically set your training session as public in Flow. If a training session includes a route, a map will be displayed on your Facebook wall for cycling, running and walking sport and your Facebook friends will be directed to the Relive video when they click the shared training session. Relive shows where the highlights happened on an instantly created short video. For the training sessions without a route, friends will be directed to the training analysis view where they can see a detailed summary of your session.

New Activity reports

Check out the new the Activity report from the progress section in Polar Flow! We’ve created a new report for better, long term analysis of your activity data. With the help of the activity reports you can follow the trend of your daily activity – are you hitting those 100% bars or maybe you need a little boost to keep that activity up. You can choose to sort the report by day, week or month period.

Navigate to Progress, choose the Activity report from the drop down menu and select the time frame (e.g. month). On the top of the screen you’ll see a summary of the chosen time period. From the chart, you can easily see with only one glance how well you have hit the daily activity goals, burned calories, your daily step counts and also how many inactivity stamps you’ve got per day. (click the pic for a bigger image)

Activity raportti - monthly

If you want to follow for example your weekly sleep patterns, you can select the report by “Night sleep”. It will let you know how many hours you slept and also divides it to restful and restless sleep for deeper sleep analysis. You can also customize the line graphs of your own choice from calories, steps, weight and inactivity stamps.

weekly sleep

Wanna know the day you were most active or when did you burn most calories? Check out the Best days -report from the bottom of the page. You can see your best days regarding daily activity, steps, calories and sleep from a chosen time period.  To have a closer look at the best day, click the day open from the view day –link.

Best days

If you choose to browse your monthly activity report sorting it with weekly summaries, you can get a view of your best weeks also from the Best weeks -report.

Of course we didn’t forget about those bug fixes and usage enhancements in this release either. For a detailed list of the fixes and improvements, check out the Polar Flow Release notes from here.


-Team Polar

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