Don’t miss a thing with the V800 Smart Notifications


Polar’s software release 1.4 is out now for M400 and V800 training devices and boy, do these have some great new stuff for you to enjoy!

Polar V800

Along with this release, we’re bringing the Smart notifications to the Polar V800. To get the full support for the Smart notifications for your V800 make sure you have:

  • V800 software 1.4 or later
  • iOS 8 or later
  • Flow app iOS version 2.3.1 or later

With the Smart Notifications you’ll get the same notifications on your Polar device that you get on your phone screen. You can receive notifications from incoming calls and messages but also from social media and other applications. You even get reminded about the appointments in your calendar so you’ll always be on time. More features including Android support will be targeted to be released end of Q2.

V800 smart notsku - 4.3.2015So, how to get the Smart Notification into use? You need to have the latest firmware 1.4 on your V800 device and Flow App iOS 2.3.1 in use. After you have updated the Flow app and your training device, even if you had your V800 paired to the Flow application, pair your V800 again to the Flow application. Only after the pairing is complete, the Smart Notifications can be enabled. Go to the V800 General Settings and enable the Smart Notifications by setting them as “ON”.

When receiving a call, you can choose to answer, silence or decline it. Silencing just silences your Polar device, it won’t silence your phone.  During your training session you can receive calls if you have Flow app running on your phone. You will not receive any notifications from other applications (email, calendar etc.) during training sessions. This way you can focus on enjoying your workout at hand to the fullest. The Smart Notifications won’t keep you up during the night since you can adjust the “do not disturb” mode to your own preferences. Keep in mind that when Smart Notifications are set on the battery of your Polar device and your phone will run out faster because Bluetooth is continuously on.

You can read more about the functionalities of the Smart Notifications for V800 from here.

How about the Smart Notifications for the M400? We just need to do some final touches before we can bring the Smart Notifications also for the M400. Stay tuned!

3rd party power sensor compatibility improvements

We’ve also improved the compatibility for 3rd party power sensors for the V800. As from now on, after a close co-operation with the sensor providers, we can also promise a better compatibility for PowerTap, Stages and Wahoo Kickr sensors with the V800. The Stages and Wahoo compatibility requires a software update also from their end so keep an close eye on their announcement boards during these upcoming weeks.

For detailed release notes visit Polar V800 Release Notes.

Polar M400

For those who enjoy their run indoors, we’ve got some good news to share! The promised Stride sensor Bluetooth Smart support for Polar M400 is here along with the 1.4 software update. The Stride sensor Bluetooth® Smart is ideal for runners who want to keep track of their running cadence but also for those who want to improve their technique and performance.  And for those who don’t yet own one, find your closest dealer from here.

Faster GPS fix with AssistNow® Offline GPS

Another enhancement we’re excited to share with you is the faster GPS connection with AssistNow® Offline GPS for M400. After synching your M400 with FlowSync, the AssistNow Offline service provides A-GPS data that tells your device the predicted positions of the GPS satellites. In practice this means the assisted GPS function speeds up the GPS fix in the pre-training mode. The A-GPS data file is valid for up to 14 days in your training device. So, to ensure faster fix time, make sure you sync your device with FlowSync on a regular basis.  For more info about the A-GPS, check out here.


For detailed release notes visit Polar M400 Release Notes.

Can't wait to hear what you think of the new features! Share your thoughts at Polar facebook.

-Team Polar

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