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Your training target and training results are now automatically linked as one in the Flow calendar when you start your training from the synced target on your Polar device. You can compare your training result with your planned training target and see how you did!  To get this exciting new feature into use, be sure to update your V800 software to version 1.5 and M400 software to version 1.6 via FlowSync. If you're using Smart Notifications we recommend that you disable the Smart notifications on your Polar unit during the software update to ensure the notifications don't disrupt the update process. To start creating a target in Flow, just hover over the wanted day in the diary and choose ‘+add’. And hey, to sync your target and result to Flow web service via Flow app, make sure you have the latest version of the application to get the data synced. You can check out the latest versions from here.


Phased Target

Choose to create a Phased Target where you can split your training into different phases and plan the duration and intensity for each phase, e.g. as in interval training. You can choose to plan your training length based on duration or distance and plan the intensity of the training based on speed zones, heart rate zones or even mix them up in one target. After your training you can see from your Flow account did you follow your planned target.

Screen Shot Phased target


Quick Target

With the help of the Quick Target you can set a target to either burn a chosen amount of calories, run for example 5 km or plan a session for a certain duration. After your training session you can see from Flow have you reached the set target or should you still have kept on going or maybe even topped the target. Green is for good and red indicates you didn’t quite make the planned calorie, distance or duration target.

Screen Shot Quick target


Race Pace Target

With the help of the Race Pace Target, which is only available for V800, you can challenge yourself to hit your training target time for a set distance. For example run 10 km in 45 minutes or maybe a recovery run and aim at keeping a steady pace. You can see the comparison of the target and result in the analyze view on what your target was and what was the actual race time. Fun part is that you can follow on the map where you have been ahead or behind the target time for a set distance. The colors on the route show the overview where you have been ahead (green) or behind (red) the set pace. Hovering on top of the Heart Rate curve will move the indicators on the map to show where you were and where you should have been during the planned training.

Race Pace pic

Check out this cool video how to start Race Pace training with Polar V800 and how to analyze every detail in the Flow web service! Step by step instructions on how to create a target and compare them to your result, can be found from here.

And remember, you can make any of the training targets as your favorite in Flow and use them again later on!


It’s time to create a target and challenge yourself!


-Team Polar

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