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We’ve heard your voice and Daily activity is now also available for Polar V800. This update is part of the new V800 release 1.2, so sync and update your V800 via FlowSync, select your activity level from settings in Flow to get Activity goal on your V800, and enjoy a more active life!

Daily activity gives feedback about the amount and intensity of daily, weekly and monthly physical activity, and helps you find out how active you are on top of your regular training. It guides you on how to achieve your daily activity goal, and you’ll also be reminded to move around if you’ve been sitting for too long. Sitting for long periods of time is not good for your health – even on those days when you train and gain enough activity.

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Along with the Daily activity, you can now choose a watch face on your V800 that shows your activity goal status bar. You can change between different watch faces if you press and hold the upper right hand corner button. The Today’s activity display shows your active time, i.e. the time of active body movement, steps and consumed calories. You can check your previous days’ activity from Diary. You can also see the ratio of consumed calories broken down to calories from training, activity and BMR.

In order to get Activity goal on your V800 you need to sync and update your device, and then select an activity level in Flow. The Daily activity goal setting lets you choose from three activity levels (Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3) the one that best describes your typical day and activity. You can select your own activity level in Flow, just go to the Activity goal tab in Flow settings.

Both Flow and FlowApp will also give you feedback on the activity benefits you’ve gained from your activity. The activity benefit feedback will tell you the types of positive health benefits being active has given you, and alternatively what kind of unwanted effects, for instance, sitting for too long has caused for your health. The core idea is: the more active you are, the more benefits you get.




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