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We’re proud to present our most advanced sports coaching solution of all time for teams and clubs; Polar Team Pro.  Polar Team Pro is designed for elite level teams and clubs who have demanding needs for fitness, strength and conditioning in their top-tier team sports.

The Polar Team Pro hardware consists of sensors for all players and a dock enabling quick data transfer and charging for the sensors. The small but mighty sensor effortlessly combines GPS and motion tracking technology with heart rate. It measures speed, distance and acceleration for running-based sports even indoors.


Live data of team and individual performance is captured onto the coach’s iPad (from a 200 meter range) via Bluetooth Smart. The Polar Team Pro app provides instant feedback about key performance indicators, which the coach can easily monitor via the iPad without any external base stations. The application provides instant analysis of player statistics and data over the session as well as player comparisons. With the help of the Polar Team Pro web service, including results and reports, the coach is provided with a deeper analysis of the team’s performance and long-term progress.

The Polar Team Pro app and web service is a yearly licensed solution and is available from June 2015 onwards. Upgrade your game and get one for your team from here.

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- Team Polar

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