Android Wear system software update for all M600 users — with Polar app 1.3 for M600 owners using iOS phones


We're happy to announce that an update for the Polar M600 Android Wear system software has begun rolling out. Make sure you have the latest version of the Android Wear app on your phone in order for you to receive this update on your watch. The release will roll out gradually during this week. See How do I update my M600 software? for further instructions.

Along with the system software update, all M600 owners using an iOS phone will get the much awaited Polar app 1.3 update that brings a big bunch of Polar features for you to enjoy!

Read more about the Polar features iOS users will now get to the Polar app:

Running Index

All you runners will now be able to keep tabs on your running progress with the Polar Running Index. You’ll get your Running Index value to the summary on the Polar app after a training session where you’ve used a running type sport profile. Read how to interpret the value and more about the feature from The what and how of Running Index document.

Manual lap

With this feature, you’ll have the chance to mark a manual lap during exercise. Just press the Polar button while training and you’ll see a manual lap view appear in your Polar app. The manual lap data is saved and synchronized to Flow app and Flow web service after exercise.

Training targets from several days and Favorite training targets in the Polar app

You can also use training targets scheduled also for other days, and not just those you’ve planned for the current day. Just swipe once from right to left in the list of sport profiles to open the list of training targets scheduled for the past seven days, for today and for the next seven days to come. Choose the target you want to use by tapping it.

If you need a reminder on how to create training targets, check out the How do I create training targets document.

You can add the best training targets to your Favorites in the Polar Flow web service and use these as training targets as well. You can find your Favorite training targets on the Polar app by swiping left twice from the list of sport profiles.

Other improvements/fixes included in this release for M600 owners using an iOS phone:

  • Option to keep the M600 display on during the whole training session: Once you’ve started a training session, swipe down from the top of the screen and tap the light bulb icon to turn the Backlight ON for the training session.
  • Improved activity guidance: Get suggestion on what to do to reach activity goal by tapping the activity data view under My day.
  • Option to skip phases while training using a training target: Swipe up from the bottom of the screen in the training target view and skip the current phase by tapping the next icon on the left.
  • Fat burn percentage of calories in the summary view on the device and in the Flow app and web service after the session.
  • Training load: Textual feedback on the strenuousness of a single training session in the training summary.

The system software update also fixes some bugs for both M600 Android and iOS users.

Older Polar app release notes are available here.

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