A300 software update


Polar’s software release 1.1.29 for A300 is out now with some practical bug fixes. 

For those sleepyheads out there, we have toned down the A300 wake-up alarm to give you a smooth start for the day. The wake-up alarm now starts with a soft vibration and only after 20 seconds starts the audio alarm to get you fully awake and ready to the new day.

Weight watchers, we’ve got a nice improvement for you guys! We have added a decimal to fine down the weight accuracy. So if you lose a few hundred grams or gain maybe a couple of ounces, you can now keep your A300 accurately updated with your weight progress.

Sometimes we need our rest and want to ensure it by turning the activity alert off. However, it seemed that the A300 had a mind of its own by still giving a vibrating alarm to some of us even though the activity alarm had been turned off. Not to worry, you can now rest in mind since we have trimmed the code so that activity alerts stay off when turned off.

After you have done the firmware update, all your daily activity and user settings are synced back to your A300 device so that you can easily continue where you left off.

For detailed release notes check out the A300 release notes.


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