Polar Sleep Plus™ - Monitor the quality of your sleep, rate how you slept last night and receive feedback based on the tracked data


Polar Sleep Plus™ lets you know how much and how well you’ve slept. It’s an easy way to track your sleep and learn more about your sleeping habits and sleep quality. Feedback and detailed sleep insights guide you towards better sleeping habits, and help you recognize which aspects of your daily routine may affect your sleep and may need adjusting.

Polar Sleep Plus™ tells you how much time you actually were asleep during the night, and whether your sleep was continuous or fragmented, and spots when interruptions in your sleep happened. It also gives you feedback on the quality and duration of your sleep. To get more detailed feedback rate how you slept on a five-step scale.

The Flow service lets you view and compare detailed breakdowns of individual nights, and also analyze what your long term sleep-wake schedule looks like.  You can see how long and when you’ve slept on a weekly basis. You can also view how your sleep time, actual sleep percentage, and continuity compare to your own typical level.

To get started all you need to do is set your preferred sleep time in the Polar Flow settings. Then simply wear your compatible Polar device at night.

Check out Sleep tracking with Polar Sleep Plus to learn more, and also have a look at other articles on sleep in the Polar Blog. For information and instructions on using Polar Sleep Plus™ see The what and how of Polar Sleep Plus™

Compatible devices

  • Polar A370
  • Polar M430
  • Polar M600

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