Troubleshooting Polar Unite connected GPS

Check first that you have:

  • Polar Flow mobile app installed in your mobile phone,
  • your mobile phone is paired with your watch and
  • Flow app has permission to use your phone's location.

When you open the Polar Flow app for the first time, you are asked to allow Polar Flow to use your mobile phone's location. Choose Always Allow on iOS phone or Allow all the time on Android phone.

You can check the location permissions by navigating to:

iOS: Settings > Privacy > Location services > Polar Flow.

If you are using iOS 14 or above: Make sure Precise location is enabled. This setting can be controlled on your phone from Settings > Polar Flow > Location.

Android: Go to Settings, look for application permissions. Give location permission for Polar Flow app. In some Android phones the path is Settings > Apps & notifications > Permissions.

Additional tips for better GPS recording

  • Make sure battery saver/low power mode is not enabled on your Android phone. You may also need to disable power saving and all background restrictions for the Polar Flow app in your Android phone. Further information is available in How to disable power saving for the Polar Beat and Polar Flow Android apps.
  • Sync Flow app and your watch manually by pressing and holding the BACK button of your watch.
  • In addition that Flow app has permission to use your phone's location you need to check that the general location services are enabled on your mobile phone. To check this in iOS go to: Settings > Privacy > Location Services and in Android go to: Settings > Security & Location > Location (exact path varies).
  • You must have your phone with you during the training session.
  • Go outdoors before you access the Start training and select your sport.
  • Make sure that you are using a sport profile that supports GPS-tracking. Sport profiles that suppport GPS-tracking have GPS icon next to the heart rate icon.
  • Before you start recording the training session, make sure the GPS icon has turned green. That means the connection between your phone and watch works and your location is found.
  • Carry your phone on the same side of your body as you wear the watch.
  • The GPS works best when you keep away from tall buildings, trees and other obstructions that might block the GPS satellite signal.

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