Troubleshooting Huawei/Honor connectivity issues with Polar devices

Disabling power saving and all background restrictions for the Polar Flow / Beat app in your Android device might be necessary if you’re experiencing any of the issues listed below.

Polar Flow:

  • Automatic syncing is not working in the background or it is inconsistent.
  • Polar device does not connect automatically to the phone, e.g. after saving a workout or going out of the phone Bluetooth range.
  • Phonenotifications suddenly stop working after a while or notifications appear on your Polar device inconsistently.
  • Training sessions are not synced but all other data (activity, sleep) is.
  • You have problems with connected GPS (A370, Unite).

Polar Beat:

  • The Polar Beat app is terminated suddenly and your session has not been fully saved.
  • GPS is giving erroneous measurements, for example the calculated distance is wrong.

Step one

  1. Go to Settings > Battery > App launch (or only Launch)

  2. Find Polar Flow / Polar Beat from the list and tap the switch.

  3. Make sure all three options (Run in background, Auto-launch and Secondary launch) are enabled.

  4. Tap OK. Manage manually should read under Polar Flow / Polar Beat app.

Step two


  1. Go to Settings > Apps & notifications.

  2. SelectApps.

  3. Select Settings(for some models tap three dots from upper right corner).

  4. SelectSpecial access.

  5. Select Ignore battery optimization (for some models select Battery optimization)

  6. Tap the uppermost text Allowed or Not allowed and select All apps.

  7. Select Polar Flowfrom the list and choose Allow containing textMay drain your battery more quickly.

  8. Tap OK. ​

Step three


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