Polar GoFit technical requirements and recommended setup

General requirements:

  • Polar GoFit account
  • Computer with an Internet connection to access the Polar GoFit web service

To be able to hold heart rate lessons, also:

  • An iPad or a Google Chromebook, and a reliable and fast mobile data or Wi-Fi connection
  • Polar GoFit app downloadable from the App Store or Polar GoFit Chromebook app downloadable from Google Play
  • Polar GoFit compatible heart rate sensors or watches

Web browsers

We recommend using the latest versions of modern web browsers.

Use of Internet Explorer is not recommended.


  • iPadOS version 13.2 or later


  • Chromebook with Bluetooth 5.0 or newer

Polar GoFit Compatible Devices

Polar GoFit app uses Bluetooth® technology and is compatible with many Polar heart rate sensors and watches. See more information on the compatible heart rate sensors and watches in Polar GoFit Compatible Devices.

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