Why don't I see all the sport profiles I've created on the Polar app?

You can change your Polar account settings, add or remove sport profiles, create training targets and edit the sport profile settings in both the Polar Flow web service and the Polar Flow mobile app.

Any changes you make in the mobile app, with your phone connected to the Internet, will sync between the mobile app and the web service automatically. If you make the changes in the Polar Flow web service, they will be synced to your mobile app next time you open the app on your phone.

Android phone users

If your M600 is paired with an Android phone, the changed settings will sync from the mobile app to the Polar app on your M600 automatically via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connection.

iPhone users

If your M600 is paired with an iPhone, you need to manually sync the changed settings between the mobile app and the Polar app on your M600.

To sync activity data and changed settings manually on M600 paired with an iPhone:

  1. Press the front button of your M600 to open the Polar app.
  2. Scroll down the menu to find and tap Sync.
  3. The watch displays Syncing during and Completed after a successful sync.

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