Why don’t I see all the sport profiles I’ve created on my M200?

You can change your Polar account settings, add or remove sport profiles, or create training targets in both the Polar Flow web service and the Polar Flow mobile app. In the web service, you can also edit the sport profile settings, such as the training views, and add and edit your Favorite training targets.

If you make the changes in the Polar Flow web service while your M200 is plugged into your computer, press SYNCHRONIZE on FlowSync to send the changes to your M200. If your M200 is not plugged into your computer, the changes are sent to your M200 in the next sync. The changes made in the web service will be synced to the Polar Flow mobile app next time you open the app on your phone and your phone is connected to the Internet.

If you make changes using the mobile app, you need to sync the changed settings from the mobile app to your M200:

  1. Make sure you have Bluetooth turned on on your phone and that you’ve signed in to the Flow app.
  2. Then press and hold the LEFT button on your M200 to start the sync.

Any changes you make in the mobile app with your phone connected to the Internet will sync between the mobile app and the web service automatically.

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