What are the inactivity alerts and why do I get them?

It's widely known that physical activity is a major factor in maintaining health. In addition to being physically active, it's important to avoid prolonged sitting. Sitting for long periods of time is bad for your health, even on those days when you train and gain enough daily activity. Your Polar device tracks your daily activity and spots if you’re being inactive for too long during the day, and this way helps you to break up your sitting to avoid the negative effects it has on your health.

If you’ve been still for 55 minutes, you'll get an inactivity alert - It's time to move! is shown on the device display. Stand up and find your own way to be active. Take a short walk, stretch, or do some other light activity. The message goes away when you start moving or press any button.

If you don't get active in five minutes, you'll get an inactivity stamp. You can see how many inactivity stamps you've received each day in the Polar Flow app and Polar Flow web service after syncing. This way you can check back on your daily routine and make changes toward a more active life. On Polar A370, you can also see the day's inactivity stamps on the device under My day.

The inactivity alerts or stamps won't affect your progress towards reaching your daily activity goal, and you will get them even on those days when you train and gain a lot of daily activity.

On some Polar devices it's possible to turn the inactivity alerts off, if you don't want to receive them. Below you can find instructions on how to do that on your device.

  • Polar M400, M430: Go to Settings > General settings > Inactivity alert > Choose On or Off.
  • Polar A370, M200: The inactivity alert is always on, you cannot turn it off on your device.

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