Setting crank length to Kéo Power

Before using Polar LOOK Kéo Power for the first time, you will need to enter crank length into the left transmitter.

The four available crank arm lengths are:

  • 170 mm

  • 172.5 mm (default)

  • 175 mm

  • 177.5 mm

Check your crank for the crank length measurement.

1. Press and hold the button on the left transmitter for 5 seconds to access the crank length selection mode (green battery light blinks 5 times).

2. Press the button for 1 second to change the crank length. When the correct crank length light is static, leave the button untouched for 10 seconds to store crank length.

To change the selected crank length at any time, press and hold the left transmitter button for 5 seconds to access the crank length selection mode.
When switching the transmitters and pedals from one bike to another, check the crank length.

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