OwnZone determination

The unique OwnZone defines your personal training intensity zones for versatile training. Starting every training session with the OwnZone guarantees safe and effective intensity zones for your daily condition.

OwnZone determination is based on heart rate variability. In practise this means that every heartbeat is measured. Before starting the determination make sure that your transmitter is snugly placed on your chest, the electrodes well moistened, and that your heart rate reading is displayed.

OwnZone limits are found during the exercise warm-up, in 1-5 minutes. The warm-up is divided into five stages at maximum, one minute each. Your training computer guides you through the determination; when the next stage begins you will hear a beep and see textual guidance on the display.

The first stage is the most important. Start slowly keeping your heart rate below 100 beats per minute (bpm) (or 50% HRmax). Keep your heart rate steady and do not raise it too quickly. The training computer assesses your hear rate variability during light exercise.

When the second stage begins you can start smoothly raising your heart rate. During each stage you should gradually increase your heart rate by 10 bpm (or 5% HRmax).

OwnZone intensity zones are found typically in 3 to 4 minutes.

When your OwnZone intensity zones are determined you will hear two beeps after which you can proceed normally with your training.

The easiest way to determine OwnZone is by walking and jogging. When doing other sports to determine OwnZone, remember to increase the training load gradually.

If you actively start your training session with OwnZone determination during the Polar STAR Training Program, your training computer takes into account your long-term OwnZone results when updating the program targets.

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