Multisport Exercise View

You might do training that requires you to engage in different sports during the same training session (e.g. triathlon). The ProTrainer 5 multisport exercise view combines these different parts (sports) of the training into one analyzable exercise.

With Polar products that have the combine option (e.g. Polar RS800CX) you can combine the exercises already during the multisport training session to make them available for analysis in the ProTrainer 5 Multisport View.
If you do not have the combine option in your Training Computer, combine the exercises in Polar ProTrainer 5 before analyzing them in the Multisport View.

The software allows you to create a multisport exercise out of individual exercises done the previous day, the on-going day, or the following 7 days.

If the software does not allow combining, check that you have used the same recording rate for the exercises. Combining can only be done for exercises that use the same recording rate (e.g. of 5 seconds).
Multisport View is for analyzing. To edit the exercise, open it in the regular exercise (curve) view. Once edited, the exercise is shown as part of the multisport exercise.
Combining exercises to Multisport View

You can combine only exercises that are saved with the same recording rate.

1. Go to Training Diary → Exercise you would like to combine into a multisport exercise.

2. Click the Multisport button in the lower right corner → Edit Multisport View from the drop-down list. The Multisport Exercise window lists the sessions that are part of the multisport exercise.
From the Available Exercises list you can select the exercise(s) you would like to add to the multisport exercise.

3. Click the Add button between the lists.

To remove exercises from the multisport exercise, select the desired exercise in the Multisport Exercise list and click the Remove button between the lists.

Opening Multisport View
When you have a multisport exercise, you can view it in the Multisport View.
1. In the Training Diary, open any Exercise that is part of a Multisport exercise.
2. Click the Multisport button in the lower right corner, and select Open Multisport View.
The Multisport View opens the different parts of the training as one complete exercise
Open Multisport View is enabled only if the exercise has been added to a Multisport exercise, either on the Training Computer or in the software.
The analyzing options are the same as for a regular exercise Curve view. You can zoom, select periods, add lap times etc. The only difference is that Multisport exercise settings cannot be saved when closing the view. If you would like to make settings permanent, open and edit the desired exercise session and then save the settings.

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