If exercise is seen in Calendar but no Curve view is available

1. Open the Training Diary on the day of your exercise.
2. Press Shift + Selection Info to find out if there is an exercise file attached to the Training Diary.
If the *.hrm Properties window opens, the exercise file is in the correct year folder and under the correct user name, but for some reason the exercise data is not shown in the calendar. To continue, go to step 3 below.

If you get an error resembling the one below, there is no exercise file that exists under the correct user name. Please go to your resource management and see if you can find this *.hrm file under in any other user's folder. If you cannot find it on your system, try to transfer the exercise from your Polar product again.

3a. If no *.hrm file is attached to the Training Diary, but there is an Exercise tab for your exercise, try attaching the exercise manually to see if this would help.

3b. If no Exercise tabs are visible in your Training Diary view, click Add New Exercise on the Day Information page and attach the *.hrm file from the user's year folder.

If you cannot find the exercise (*.hrm) file in your person folder → year folder, the exercise has been transferred to another location or the data transfer has failed for some reason. Please try transferring the data again.

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