How to start an exercise with Polar RS800CX training computer?


Enable all the sensors you want to use during training and make sure you have taught them to the Polar RS800CX. Wear the transmitter as instructed in the user manual and press OK to start heart rate measuring. Within 15 seconds your heart rate will appear on the display.


If you have purchased RS800CX MULTI, RUN or BIKE set, the sensor included in the set has been taught to your RS800CX and ready activated in Settings, as well.

Before starting the training data recording, make sure that you have selected the wanted exercise type. You can choose between Free, Basic, OwnZone, Interval, or an exercise you have created yourself. To toggle the exercise type quickly, press and hold UP button in the exercise wait mode, or go to Settings → Exercise.

To toggle the different shoes / bikes you have available on the Training Computer - if you use cycling or running sensors during the training -, press and hold DOWN button in the exercise wait mode, or go to Settings → Shoes/bikes.
The letter and number in the lower right hand corner of the display indicate your shoe / bike selection. Stand still and wait until the training computer finds the sensor signal. Depending on the sensor you are using either the runner or the biker symbol stops flashing.

Once you have selected the wanted exercise type and shoe or bike, Start exercising by pressing OK.

If '(Exercise name) requires a speed/cadence sensor' is displayed, your exercise requires a speed or cadence sensor to display speed/pace, distance or cadence data (e.g. you have defined speed/pace/cadence zones for the exercise). The training computer returns to exercise type selection menu. Here you can select another exercise that does not require a speed or cadence sensor.


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