How to calibrate S1 footpod with Polar RS300X Training Computer

For the most accurate speed and distance results Polar recommends the following calibration of the S1 footpod with RS300X Training Computer.

Before calibrating, enable S1 footpod by going to Settings Features S sensor Footpod. Footpod set on is displayed.

To calibrate by running
1. Go to Settings Features Footp.calib. Run.

2. Press OK. Turn the footpod on.
The display reads Calibration Distance X km. Adjust the distance according to how far you wish to run to calibrate the footpod. The minimum recommended distance is 1 km. The longer the distance the better for the calibration. To get the best results, use an accurate calibration distance, e.g. by calibrating on a running track. It is important that you calibrate the footpod so that it matches the kind of terrain you normally run.

3. Press OK to confirm. Press START and run ... km is displayed.

4. Press OK and start run by making the first step with the sensor foot onto starting line and run the preset distance at a steady pace.
The display reads Press OK After

5. Once you have reached the calibration distance, stop exactly on the stop line of the preset distance and press OK. Stand still for 15 seconds with your arms down and wait until your running computer has received the data.

6. When the calibration succeeds, Calibration Complete! and calibration value are displayed. The new calibration factor is used.If the calibration fails, Footpod Calibration Failed! is displayed. When the calibration fails or you cancel the calibration the previous calibration factor is used.

To calibrate manually
Calibration factor can be calculated using the formula below:

Actual distance
RS300X displayed distance

For example: you run 1200m, the running computer shows a distance of 1180m, the calibration factor should be adjusted to 1200/1180 = 1.017.

Once you know the calibration factor, set the calibration factor on your
1. Select Settings Features Footp.calib. Manual.
2. Set the Calibration factor and press OK. The sensor is now calibrated.

Calibration is done in metric units. This is because the most universal calibration location is a 400m track, even in countries using the imperial units.

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