How to View Tracks

Use Polar RS800CX / CS600X with Polar G3 / G5 GPS sensor to record track data. The recording is done automatically when the GPS sensor is turned on. You can view the track data in ProTrainer 5 software after data download.

To view recorded tracks:

1. Open the Training Diary, e.g. double-click on the desired day in the Calendar. Open exercise whose track you want to view.
2. Click the Track Information button .

Track Information:

When the option is selected the information is also shown when the track is viewed in Google Earth.
- Sport Zones shows the sport zone coloring for the track according to training intensity.
- Automatic Laps shows automatic laps recorded for the exercise.
- Manual Laps shows manually taken laps recorded for the exercise.
- Phases shows the phases recorded for the exercise.

Open with:
- Google Earth button opens the track in Google Earth™. Google Earth™ installation is needed before viewing your tracks in the software. Check for updates if necessary.
- GPX Viewer button opens the track in a selected map software.
You can use any program that supports GPX file format. You can associate the GPX viewing program with the button when you click it for the first time.
The associated GPX viewing program can be also changed later.
In Windows XP: select My Computer → Tools → Folder Options → File Types page.
In Windows Vista and Windows 7: select Start → Control Panel → Default Programs - Set Associations: Associate a file type or product with a specific program.

Use Alt + Tab keys to toggle between Google Earth / GPX viewer and ProTrainer Curve view to analyze the exercise. To send your exercise and tracking data, use the E-mail Exercise Data option.
The track file is saved in the GPX file format. The file format is 'yymmdd01.gpx' (yy=year, mm=month, dd=day, 01=the ordinal number of the exercise in the day in question). The file can be copied and opened in any application supporting the format. The GPX files are saved in your person folder. See Related documents for person folder location.

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