How to Move File Locations

When saving and storing exercise data the software the following principles apply.

  • Depending on the software version used, the exercise files (*.hrm files) and person files (*.ppd files) are located by default at different places. Please see Related Documents for information on personal data location. The person folder is made when the person is created. The person folder gets the exact name that is given to the person in the Polar software.

  • The year folder is created in the person folder when the first exercise is transferred and saved to that year.

  • *.hrm and *.ppd files can only be saved in the person's year folders.

  • When the path is changed in Options Preferences File Locations, the change only applies to persons added to the software after the path change.

Changing the person folder and/or file locations from their defaults
1. Select OptionsPreferences and open the File Locations page.
2. Select the type of file you would like located in a different folder. If you would like to move the person folders to different location, select the Person Folders row.
3. Click Edit and use the directory tree to browse to the desired folder.

Moving an existing person's exercise data to another location
You can change the location of an existing person’s folder in the software, for example to another hard drive. To do this, move the person folder, and the year folders within it, to the new desired location. Then, define the new location for the person in the Polar software.

Changing the path in Options Preferences File Locations will not change the location of an already-existing person’s data.

1. Move the entire person folder with the year folders to the new location.
2. Open the Polar software and select OptionsTeams.
3. Select the team into which you would like to add the person, and click the Edit button.
4. Open the Members page, and click the Add button.
5. Browse to the person's folder that you would like to add to the team and select person's *.ppd file.

We recommend that you change the default file locations only if absolutely necessary.

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