How to Merge Exercises

Merging exercises

Before merging, please make a backup of your exercises. If you would like to combine more than two exercises, merge two exercises first. Then open the merged exercise and merge another one with this exercise.

1. Select FileOpen Exercise to open the exercise or outdoor activity. Alternatively, you can open the exercise by double-clicking the curve miniature at the bottom of the Exercise page in the Diary. Now you have the first mergeable file open.

2. Select Open Exercise, and select the exercise you want to merge with the opened one.

3. Check Exercise Comparison at the bottom left part of the Open Exercise dialog, and then click Open. Now both exercises are opened in the same view for merging.

4. Select EditMerge Exercises.

To cancel merging close the Curve view without saving changes.

The exercises you wish to merge have to have the same recording rate (e.g. 5 seconds) and the same data content. For example, both need to have speed data recorded. If one exercise has speed data and the other one does not, you cannot merge the exercises.
If you do not need the exercise you have combined to the another one, you can remove it by clicking the Remove / button in Exercise page.

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