How to Calibrate Stride Sensor with RS800CX

The optional calibration of Polar s3 stride sensor W.I.N.D / Polar s3+ stirde sensor improves the accuracy of speed, pace and distance measurements. We recommend that you calibrate the sensor:

a) before using it for the first time
b) if there are significant changes in your running style, or
c) if the position of the sensor on the shoe is dramatically changed (e.g. if you have new running shoes or if you switch the sensor from your right shoe to your left one).

Sensor calibration can be done by running a known distance or by setting the calibration factor manually.

You can calibrate one stride sensor for each shoe setting (Shoes1/2/3) and have a separate calibration factor for each set of shoes in RS800CX. The training computer will automatically use the calibration factor according to the shoes selected at the beginning of the exercise.

Calibrating stride sensor by running a distance (on-the-fly calibration)
You can calibrate the sensor at any stage of your exercise by using the lap distance correction. Run a known distance of preferably more than 1000 meters (approx.1094 yards / 0.62 miles).

Before calibrating make sure that the sensor function is enabled on the training computer. Select Settings → Features → Shoes/bikes → Shoes 1/2/3 → S sensor → On → OK.
If the stride sensor is not taught to the training computer, you will need to do it at this stage.

If you are using distance-based targets, you cannot do on-the-fly calibration.

To calibrate on the fly
1. In time mode press OK once.
2. Select Settings Shoes/bikes Shoes 1/2/3, depending on which one you want to calibrate.
3. Select Start. Begin your run.
4. When you are at a starting point of a known lap distance, press OK to take a lap. Once you have run the whole lap distance, press OK again.
Then calibrate the sensor by choosing either alternative:
a) Press and hold LIGHT to go to Settings Calibrate Correct lap Set true lap distance.
b) Press STOP once. Select SettingsCalibrate Correct lap Set true lap distance.

5. Fix the displayed lap distance with the distance you just ran, and press OK.
Calibration completeand the Factor x.xxare displayed. The sensor is now calibrated and ready for action.

Setting calibration factor manually

The calibration factor is calculated as a ratio of the actual distance to the uncalibrated distance. For example, if you run 1200m but the training computer shows a distance of 1180m, the calibration factor is 1.000.
The new calibration factor is calculated as follows: 1.000*1200/1180 = 1.017.
The measuring range for the factor is 0.500-1.500.

You can set the calibration factor in three different ways.
1. Before exercise
a) Select Settings → Features → Shoes/bikes → Shoe 1/2/3 → Calibrate
b) Set the Calibration factor and press OK. The sensor is now calibrated.

2. During exercise with exercise recording paused
a) Start exercising by pressing OK twice in the time display. Press STOP once and the exercise recording is paused.
b) Go to Settings → Calibrate → Set factor.
c) Set the Calibration factor and press OK.
The sensor is now calibrated.
d) Press OK to continue exercise recording.

3. During exercise without pausing exercise recording
a) Start exercising by pressing OK twice in the time display. Press and hold LIGHT button to go to Settings.
b) Select Calibrate → Set factor.
c) Set the Calibration factor and press OK.
The sensor is now calibrated and you can continue running.

If S sensor calibration failedis displayed, the sensor calibration was not successful. Please try again.
Calibration factor for each of the shoes can also be set in ProTrainer 5 through Tools Edit Polar Product Settings.

The calibration is done in metric units. This is because the most universal calibration location is a 400m track, even in countries where imperial units are used.
For best results Polar recommends that you do the calibration run on the type of terrain and with the speed you normally use for running.

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