How to Attach an Exercise File Manually to ProTrainer 5

Let's say you have transferred an exercise to the software and then accidentally removed it from the Calendar, and you would now like to see the exercise back in the Calendar. You can do this by attaching the exercise manually to the software Calendar.

1. Double-click on a day to open the Training Diary.

2. Click Add New Exercise button.

3. Click Attach

and Attach an exercise.

4. Go to the correct data location on your computer.
See Related Documents for default data locations.

5. Find the correct exercise file by looking at the *.hrm file name.
The .hrm file follows the format: yymmdd01.hrm, where y means the year, m the month, d the day and 01 the ordinal number of the exercise for that day.

Click Open.

The heart rate curve opens into the preview window.

Click OK to approve the attachment.

The exercise is now available in the Calendar.

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