G5 GPS Battery Led Indicators

Polar G5 GPS sensor has an internal, rechargeable battery, which cannot be removed. The state of charge LED (see C in picture) gives an indication of the charge status of the battery when G5 GPS is on.

The values of the state of charge LED light colors are the following:


  • Red: less than 1 hour of the total charge status left

  • Orange: 5-20% of the total charge status left

  • Green: 20-100% of the total charge status left

For instructions on how the battery's charge status is displayed by your Polar training computer, please see the corresponding user manual.

The operating time varies depending on operating conditions (e.g. high or low temperatures) and battery aging. The operating time is 20 hours in continuous use. When G5 is unused, the operating time reduces approximately one hour per week. Therefore, it is recommended to recharge G5 after being unused for a longer period. The operating time is significantly reduced in temperatures well below freezing; wearing G5 under your overcoat helps to keep G5 warmer and to increase the operating time.

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