Altitude Profile Summary in Polar ProTrainer 5 Software

The software's altitude profile summary (the box below the exercise curve) shows the time you have spent on going uphill, on level ground, or downhill during the exercise. (The time is given as both as hh:mm:ss and as percentage of the total time.) If you have used the speed sensor (cycling) or footpod (running), it also shows the distance you have covered going uphill, level or downhill during the exercise.

To calculate ascent/descent, the software compares two consecutive altitude values. If the compared values are the same, the software interprets that you have been exercising on level ground. If the later value is bigger, you have been going uphill (ascending). If the later value is smaller, you have been going downhill (descending).

Example exercise:
- 5% (2 minutes 40 seconds/ 370m) of the exercise was done going uphill.
- 91% (53 min/ 7.2 km) of the exercise was done on level ground.
- 4% (2 min/ 385m) of the exercise was done going downhill.

The same information as seen in the software:

Altitude measurement is based on air pressure. Changes in weather conditions may affect the altitude readings, which, in turn, are used to calculate your ascent/descent.


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