Starting a class with the Polar Club app

Start a class with the Polar Club app. You can see all the scheduled classes in the Schedule view. Tapping a class brings up the class information:

Tapping Open in the class information view brings up the exerciser view:

In the exerciser view you can:

  • Add exercisers before starting the class by tapping Add > Add attendee, and then choosing the sensor for the exerciser.
  • Add guests before starting the class by tapping Add > Add guest, and then choosing the sensor for the guest. This feature comes in handy for example in occasions where you would like to quickly add guests to show them the benefits of training with Polar Club. The training data from the guests is not shown in the reports in the Polar Club web services, but it's possible to link the guest's training data to their Polar Flow account after the session in the History view.
  • Edit a participant's maximum heart rate value by tapping their card and choosing Edit participant/Edit guest. After editing the maximum heart rate value, tap Save. When you edit the maximum heart rate value of a participant using a Polar account, the participant must confirm the change with their account credentials.
  • Start the class by tapping .

Before starting a class, check that the heart rate symbol is shown for each exerciser. The symbol indicates that heart rate is received from the exerciser. If the symbol is not shown, tap the exerciser's name and choose Borrow sensor to lend them a heart rate sensor or Change device to use another sensor.

If the battery low symbol appears, the heart rate sensor's battery charge level has lowered. There’s no need to worry about the battery running out right away. There’s still enough battery life left to finish the class. However, the battery should be changed as soon as possible.

Connecting the iPad to an external display

You need a suitable AV adapter and a cable to connect the iPad to a video projector or TV. After connecting the iPad to an external display, the iPad’s screen is automatically mirrored onto the second screen.

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