Speed and distance from the wrist with Polar A360/A370

Your A360/A370 measures speed and distance from your hand movements with a built-in accelerometer. For maximum accuracy make sure you’ve set your handedness and height correctly. This feature works best when running at a pace that is natural and feels comfortable for you.

During a training session you can see your current speed and the distance you’ve gone so far on the display screen. Right after your session you’ll see a summary with info about your speed and distance covered. Sync your A360/A370 with the Flow app and web service for a more detailed analysis.

Sport profiles which it’s available in:

  • Walking
  • Jogging
  • Running
  • Road running
  • Trail running
  • Treadmill running
  • Track and field running
  • Ultra running

Please note that generally speed and distance readings measured with an accelerometer from your wrist are not as accurate as when measured with GPS.

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