Route Guidance on V800

The Route Guidance feature guides you along routes that you’ve marked as favorites in the Flow web service. These can be routes that you’ve done or routes that other Flow users have done and marked as public. You can also import routes exported from third party services into the Polar Flow web service, and use the Route Guidance feature to guide you along them. For more information on importing routes see How to import a route into the Polar Flow web service and use it on a training device.

How it works

See How do I add a route to favorites? for instructions. After adding the route to your favorites, remember to sync it to your V800.

After syncing a route to your V800 you’re ready to go out and try it. First, choose where you want to start. You can choose the route start point, route end point or the nearest route point (original direction or reverse direction). After choosing your start point, V800 will guide you to it.

Once on the route, V800 will guide you all the way through and keep you on track. Just follow the guidance on your device. On the bottom of the display you’ll see how much distance you have left. If you go off-route, V800 will display Wrong direction and alert you with sound and vibration. Route end reached is displayed when you’ve reached the end.

Start a training session with Route Guidance

  1. Choose Favorites on your V800, and press START.
  2. Choose a route from the list, and press START.
  3. Choose where you want to start the route: Route start (original direction), Nearest route point (original direction), Nearest route point (reverse direction) or Route (reverse direction), and press START.
  4. Choose the sport profile you want to use, and press START again.
  5. V800 will guide you to the route, and let you know when you’ve reached it.
  6. When you’re on the route, you’re ready to go!

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