Syncing data between Polar V800 and Polar FlowSync fails

Try these steps, on at a time.

Check that V800 charging area is clean.

Like any electronic device, the Polar V800 should be kept clean and treated with care to keep the product in peak condition, ensure fluent charging and maintain its water resistance properties.

If your product doesn’t charge properly, or if it doesn’t connect to FlowSync, it could be because the charging area is not clean enough. Wash the training computer with a mild soap and water solution under running water. Do not to press any buttons while washing. You can also use e.g. a toothbrush to reach all that hard-to-remove dirt in the charging cavity.

Do not use alcohol or any abrasive material such as steel wool or cleaning chemicals

Place V800 in time view.

Polar V800 needs to be in the time view when you start syncing.

Syncing with FlowSync (PC/Mac)

  1. Plug the USB cable into your computer and snap the connector onto your V800. Make sure FlowSync software is running.
  2. The FlowSync window opens on your computer, and the syncing starts.
  3. Completed is displayed when you are done.
For more, see V800 manual

Check that the USB cable works.

  • Use a dry cleaning clothExample: cleaning cloth for reading glasses to gently wipe the connector pins to remove any dust or dirt that might prevent connectivity.
  • Make sure the USB connector snaps firmly into place, and that the Polar logo on the USB connector and V800 are facing in the same direction.

  • Remove and replug the custom USB cable into your Polar V800.
  • If your Polar V800 plugged into your computer via USB Hub, try plugging it in directly to the computer's own USB port.
  • Try the other USB port(s).

Soft reset your V800.

To soft reset

Press all 4 corner buttons simultaneously, and keep them down until you see Polar logo displayed. Try connecting to FlowSync now.

All data that you have synced from V800 to your Flow account is safe.

Restart FlowSync.

Close FlowSync by right-clicking/secondary clicking the icon on your computer taskbar/menubar. Choose Close. Then restart FlowSync from your computer desktop icon/Applications folder.

Restart your computer.

Keep the USB cable plugged into Polar V800, and the cable plugged into the computer.

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Check that Polar V800 is shown in your computer’s Human Interface Devices.

  • Unplug Polar V800 from the USB cable.
  • Windows: Go to (Start) > Control Panel > (System) > Device Manager > Human Interface Devices. Plug your Polar V800 into the USB cable and the cable into your computer. Does the list update? Your Polar V800 should be shown as HID-compliant device.

  • Mac OS X: Click Apple menu > About This Mac > More Info > System Report > Hardware > USB. Plug your Polar V800 into the USB cable and the cable into your computer. Does the list update? Your Polar V800 should be shown on the list.

If your Polar V800 is shown on the list and the synchronization does not start, send the FlowSync log file with a problem description to

If your Polar V800 is not shown on the list, either Polar V800 or the USB-cable is faulty. Please take them to Polar service.

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