Polar Flow Release Notes

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Release Date: 14th of September 2016

  • Back-end service in manual training session export, updated
  • Multisport sport profile settings are changed back to default after saving, fixed
  • Creating training target fails with an error 'date is in the past' in some time zones, fixed

Release Date: 6th of September 2016

  • Creating training targets fails when 12 hour time setting in use, fixed

Release Date: 31st of August 2016

  • Possibility to select non-training days in event training program, added
  • Possibility to move training targets of an event training program to another day within a week, added
  • Les Mills sport profiles, added
  • Training Benefit feature for Polar Loop users, added
  • Speed/pace zonepointer training view for M400, added
  • Phased target does not define the zone to be speed based when only one zone selected, improved
  • Random pool swimming sessions not opening for some users, fixed
  • Speed/pace zones training view missing from V800, fixed
  • Training views in triathlon and duathlon sport profiles cannot be added or edited, fixed

Release Date: 7th of July 2016

  • Polar Flow Events, added. You can now share your training sessions and thoughts as well as compare results with the other event participants. Please see more support.polar.com
  • Last automatic lap time missing from M400 and M450 training views, fixed
  • Other bug fixes improving quality

Release Date: 5th of July 2016

  • TrainingPeaks integration - Flow and TrainingPeaks accounts can be now linked for easy sharing of new training session to TrainingPeaks. For more information please see support.polar.com

Release Date: 17th of June 2016

  • Running program shown in English although Flow language is set to some other, fixed
  • Flow gives an incorrect notification about updating the browser when Microsoft Edge on a PC or Google Chrome on iOS devices in use, fixed

Release Date: 6th of June 2016

  • Logging in gives 403 forbidden error in some rare cases, fixed
  • Public training session shows wrong stride length when not logged in to the service, fixed
  • Flow asks to select left or right wrist when setting up V650, fixed
  • Month and week views in diary not showing the daily activity for some users, fixed
  • Manual .tcx export gives wrong distance when other than 1 second sampling rate used, fixed
  • Comma in training note ruins the .csv export, fixed
  • Training target speed zones are based on coach's settings instead of user's personal speed zones, fixed

Release Date: 16th of May 2016

  • Route import as .gpx and .tcx files, added. For more information please see support.polar.com
  • Running program weekly award may not be calculated correctly if two products in use, fixed
  • Target is not merged with the result with A300 and A360 in some cases, fixed

Release Date: 6th of May 2016

  • Saving an edited phased target and creating target with free phases gives an error "Check the values!", fixed

Release Date: 4th of May 2016

  • Running Program, added. For more information, please see support.polar.com
  • Automatic sync to Strava delayed in some cases, improved
  • Some training sessions not opening because of internal server error with few users, fixed

Release Date: 20th of April 2016

  • Training report enhancements: Possibility to choose many sports for the report, altitude data added, Y-axis scaling improved, best sessions report shows the top averages for each value and other improvements to usability
  • Power related training views shown in all categories in cycling sport profiles, fixed
  • Error in saving settings when favorite sport selection is 'none', fixed
  • Synchronization fails because of an old Fitness test value with some users, fixed
  • Other bug fixes improving quality

Release Date: 12th of April 2016

  • Running Index report, added
  • V650 training session automatic synchronization to Strava delayed in some cases, improved