This document describes the OwnOptimizer feature in the Polar RS800CX and CS600X.

Successful training requires temporary overloading: longer exercise duration, higher intensity, or higher total volume. In order to avoid severe overtraining, overloading must always be followed by an adequate recovery period. With an inadequate recovery period, you may experience a decrease in performance as a result of high training volumes, instead of improvement. Polar OwnOptimizer is an easy and reliable way to determine whether your training program is optimally developing your performance. Polar OwnOptimizer is developed for use by healthy adults.

Polar OwnOptimizer is a modification of a traditional orthostatic overtraining test. It is a perfect tool, embedded in the training computer, for everyone training regularly, at least three times a week, for fitness improvement or to reach competitive targets. This feature is based on heart rate and heart rate variability measurements taken during an orthostatic test (standing up from relaxed resting). OwnOptimizer helps you to optimize your training load during a training program so that you experience an increase in performance and do not undertrain or overtrain in the long run. Polar OwnOptimizer is based on regular long-term measurements of five heart rate parameters. Two of these five values are calculated at rest, one while standing up, and two while standing. Each time you perform the test, the wrist unit saves the heart rate values and compares them to the previous values registered.

Baseline tests

When you use OwnOptimizer for the first time, six baseline tests should be conducted over a period of two weeks to determine your personal baseline value. These baseline measurements should be taken during two typical basic training weeks, not during heavy training weeks. The baseline measurements should include tests taken after a training day and after recovery days.

Monitoring your OwnOptimizer values

After the baseline recordings, you should continue to perform the test 2-3 times a week. Test yourself weekly in the morning following both a recovery day and a heavy training day (or a series of heavy training days). An optional third test can be performed after a normal training day. OwnOptimizer may not provide reliable information during detraining or in a very irregular training period. If you take a break from exercise for 14 days or longer, the baseline tests should be performed again.

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