Open Water Swimming

The open water swimming sport profile brings freestyle swimming metrics to your swims in open waters. When using it, V800 records your swim distance, pace, stroke rate for freestyle as well as your route. Your route is recorded with GPS, and you can view it on a map after your swim in the Flow app and web service.

What is recorded from your swim?

Pace and Distance: V800 uses GPS to calculate pace and distance during your swim.

Stroke rate for freestyle: V800 records your average and maximum stroke rates (how many strokes you take per minute) for your session. Freestyle is the only style that the open water swimming profile recognizes.

Route: Your route is recorded with GPS, and can be viewed after your swim in the Flow app and web service. GPS does not work underwater, and because of this your route is filtered from GPS data acquired when your hand is out of the water or very close to the water surface. External factors such as water conditions and satellite positions can affect the accuracy of the GPS data, and as a result data from the same route can vary from day to day.

Heart rate: Your heart rate is recorded via GymLink (5 kHz transmission) when you wear a H7 or H10 heart rate sensor while swimming. Please note that GPS can interfere with GymLink transmission, and therefore heart rate data can be imprecise at times.

If you swim in salt water and have repeated challenges measuring heart rate when swimming even when GPS is set off, consider using the Polar T31C heart rate sensor.

Analyzing your swim

An overview of your swimming data is available in the training summary on V800 right after your session.  Key swimming statistics included in the summary are distance, pace (average and maximum), stroke rate (average and maximum) and heart rate information. Sync your V800 with Flow for a more detailed visual representation of your swim including your route on a map, and heart rate, pace and stroke rate curves.

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