I can't sync my data to What happened?

If you run into problems syncing, first make sure you have the latest versions of  WebSync or WebLink software. The download links for the latest versions are behind the links.

Here's how to check your current version:

WebSync: right-click the icon on the taskbar on Windows or on the menu bar on Mac OS > Help > About WebSync.

WebLink: The version number is on the title of the main window.

If you still have trouble syncing data to, please re-install WebSync software to your computer. Reinstallation should fix the connection to


Why update?

Sometimes the changes we've made "under the hood" require you to have the latest software version in order for the sync to work correctly. The reason could be for example improving data security or maintenance work we've done in the ecosystem level.

After 28.2.2019, old versions of WebSync and WebLink cease to sync and are not supported anymore.

Check out the links above to update your software if yours are not up-to-date.


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