The what and how of R-R recording

RR recording test in Polar V800 allows you to collect heart rate data without accumulating training data. You can record long periods of time, for example, while you’re sleeping. This feature is especially useful for athletes, coaches and researchers, and it is now supported in Flow web service. RR recording can be performed with Polar H6, H7 and H10 heart rate sensors.

RR recording saves RR intervals, i.e. time between successive heartbeats, for further analysis. Heart rate varies with every heartbeat. Heart rate variability (HRV) is the variation of RR intervals. You can sync your RR recording result to Flow via FlowSync. Flow then allows you to visualize your recording, do light analysis, and export raw, unfiltered RR interval data for use in third party Heart Rate Variability analysis tools for a more in-depth study.

Please note that you cannot train with V800 when using the RR recording feature.

To perform RR recording:

  1. Wear the heart rate sensor, and go to Tests > RR recording > Start Recording and press START
  2. Searching for heart rate is displayed. The recording is started when Heart rate found is displayed.
  3. To stop the recording, press and hold BACK.

After stopping the recording you will see the result. The result includes:

  • Duration
  • Start time
  • End time
  • Minimum heart rate
  • Maximum heart rate
  • Average heart rate

You can sync your RR recording results to the Flow web service via FlowSync or Flow app. Your RR recording will appear in your diary and you can click it open to see more detailed view of your RR recording.

RR recording diary entry

You can export your RR recordings to third party services for more in-depth analysis by clicking the EXPORT DATA button.

RR recording export data

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