How to prevent queues at sign-up

Here's our tips on how to avoid queues in the club reception and speed up the signing in process.

1. Encourage your club members to sign up for classes online in the Polar Flow web service. They can sign up for classes up to one week beforehand in the comfort of their own home, avoiding the queues before the class.

To sign up online:

  • Your club members need a Polar account, which they can easily create at
  • To be able to use the online sign-up, they need to start following your club in the web service. Your club can be found in Community > Clubs.
  • The club members wear their personal heart rate sensor when coming to the class. Or, in case they want to borrow a heart rate sensor from the club, you can lend them a heart rate sensor in the Club app's exercisers view. The exercisers view appears after you choose the session in the Classes view. Tap the member's name in the exercisers view and choose Borrow sensor.

2. The Quick sign-in is possible for members who use their personal sensors. The more members with their own sensors, the more smoothly and quickly the sign-in goes!

3. Consider having at least two iPads for the sign-up: one for the members who already have a Polar account, and one for the members who need to create a Polar account before signing in to classes. This way you can also give the members more privacy to create their account.

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