How to Calibrate Altitude via ProTrainer 5 Software

Altitude measurement is based on air pressure. This is why weather changes affect the measurement and the absolute altitude value may be wrong at the beginning of an exercise.

Altitude can be calibrated via Polar ProTrainer 5 software or in the training computer. For further information how to calibrate the altitude in training computer, see the Related Documents.

Calibrating Altimeter via Polar ProTrainer 5 Software
1. Set your Polar product to Connect mode and face the product to the IrDA adapter/internal IrDA port. For detailed instructions see Related Documents.
2. Click or select Tools Edit Polar Product Settings.

Infrared Connection window appears and the settings data located on your Polar product are automatically read to the software.

3. In the Polar product settings window, select Product tab.

4. Set the correct altitude and select – if you wish – the automatic calibration feature.
Automatic calibration allows starting exercise at the same altitude regardless of the weather and air pressure changes.

5. Click Transfer button to transfer the edited setting to your training computer.

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